Welcome to the roughest sport around! StubHub has all the Rugby tickets that passionate fans crave. Whether you prefer Rugby League, Rugby Union or Rugby Sevens you can buy all here. Those who have spare Rugby tickets can also sell them; thus allowing more fans to enjoy this great sport. 

Rugby Matches

1. Rugby League

Welcome to the faster version of what the Victorians referred to Rugby. Rugby League is a firm favourite among rugby fans as its speed leads to swaves of entertainment. With scores typically close and one point awarded for drop goals you often see last gasp attempts to win matches! The game play is equally aggressive as teams know there is a limited number of tackles before they must handover possession. So, click on the link and select your tickets for the Rugby League.

2. Rugby Union

The classic form of rugby has evolved into a famous sport played in all corners of the earth. The sport can boast a loyal following in Stadiums accross Australia, New Zealand, the UK, France and South Africa. Watch 30 of the sport's greatest players live as they give it everything to reach the try line. Rugby Union has produced the greatest and most memorable matches over the years. Who can forget the Springbucks winning on home turf in 1995? Or the classic 2003 World Cup final where Jonny Wilkinson's drop goal in extra time won the trophy for England? So, click on the link to get tickets for Rugby Union matches. 

3. Rugby Sevens

Welcome to the fastest and newest form of Rugby focussed purely on entertaining the live audience. With each side only possessing seven players the game is frantic from the first whistle to the last. A particular favourite in the Far-East, both Singapore and Hong Kong play host to popular Rugby Sevens tournaments. These tournaments are almost like Grand Prix weekends with fireworks, competitions and lots of things going on. So, make sure you don't miss out on Rugby Sevens tickets.  

Can't wait to see your favorite Rugby team play live? Make sure you get the chance to feel the tension of the game from the stands, maybe even so close that you can feel the hits and smell the grass as if you are in the field with your favorite players. Make sure you regularly check StubHub for all your rugby tickets!

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