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About us

As of Aug. 4, 2016, Ticketbis is a StubHub company. Over the coming months, we will update the look of the Ticketbis site and will combine Ticketbis and StubHub ticket inventory into one destination.

Who are we? Over 300,000 tickets sold since 2009.

Ticketbis brings people who want to sell tickets for events worldwide together with fans wanting to buy them.

Over 300,000 tickets for more than 90,000 different events in Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Australia have been sold since 2009 right here at Ticketbis.Our mission is to guarantee secure transactions each time, so that both buyers and sellers can exchange tickets securely.

We have support around the world. We rely on both local offices and a personalized customer service adapted to the needs of each individual market. Because of this, we are always at hand to help users in their own language and with precise information regarding purchases, sales or events.

What is StubHub?

At StubHub, our mission is simple: help fans find fun. We connect fans with their favorite teams, shows and artists and introduce them to the ones they'll love next. As the largest ticket marketplace in the world, we enable fans to buy and sell tickets to tens of thousands of events, whenever they want, through our desktop and mobile experiences, including our StubHub app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. With the acquisition of Ticketbis in August 2016, throughout the world, StubHub provides the total end-to-end event going experience.


Why buy your tickets at Ticketbis?

Is Ticketbis a secure site for buyers?

Thanks to our payment system, Ticketbis is the safest way to buy tickets. The seller will not receive the sale amount shown on the listing until the buyer has attended the event. This is our way of ensuring the ticket is original and corresponds to the venue the buyer has chosen. In addition, no card or bank details are disclosed to the seller, guaranteeing a secure transaction.

There are lots of similar tickets. How can I know which one is the best one?

Here are some suggestions to remember when selecting your tickets:

Why are there different prices?

Sellers publish their tickets on our website and choose the price they consider appropriate.

Not all tickets have the same price, as each seller is free to determine their tickets' value, even if it doesn't match the amount the seller originally bought the ticket for. As such, you may find tickets cheaper or more expensive than the original price.

How does the buyer pick up the tickets?

We guarantee that every ticket listed will arrive in time for the event.

Once the purchase has been confirmed, the seller will send the tickets to the address you have provided.

For last minute purchases, tickets are hand-delivered in locations close to the venue or stadium. This is to avoid any unexpected problems and guarantees tickets will arrive safely.


Is Ticketbis a secure site for sellers?

The seller is guaranteed automatic payment of the sale amount after the stipulated number of days after the event has passed. If there is any problem with the buyer's payment, Ticketbis absorbs all losses, thereby protecting the seller from any loss or inconvenience.

When will the seller get paid for sold tickets?

You will get the payment after the event has passed, this way we can guarantee that we are protecting both sellers and buyers ensuring there are no complications on either side.

The status for your transaction should be "Delivered" so we can make the payment on time. This will be accounted for on the second and fourth working Monday of each month. The payment order for such sales will be given two working days later.

How is the seller going to get paid?

There are two ways to receive payment for the sold tickets: via PayPal or via an international bank transfer to your bank account.

Please check if you have provided us with the accurate bank information. For an international transfer to be successful, sellers must provide a SWIFT code and the account holder's name in English. If you have any doubts, we suggest that you contact your bank to obtain the correct international bank transfer information.

The time it takes for one to receive their payment is dependant upon the chosen payment method.

Why does the seller need to provide their credit card info?

All sellers are asked to provide their credit (or debit) card information in order to guarantee a secure and fast transaction. This also ensures that the sellers comply with Ticketbis' conditions and protocols when selling and sending your tickets.

How does the seller send the tickets?

After the package has been shipped and the courier service collects your envelope, please update the tracking number in your account so that the buyer can track ticket delivery. Once the tracking number is submitted, the reimbursement will be automatically requested. You will receive the shipping cost at the same time as the payment for the tickets.

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